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Rev Githii kicked out of church for two months

Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 00:00 -- maxwell masava

Rev Githii kicked out of

church for two months



THE former head of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa Rev David Githii has been kicked out by the church where he was the main priest.

Rev Githii was suspended by his PCEA Church in Sigona at the weekend following a persistent stand-off with a section of elders.

He had taken his controversial preachings to the parish by denouncing satanic symbols which he claims had been erected in the church. According to worshipers, the church presbytery banned the Bishop from  the church for a period of two months.

During the suspension , Rev Githii is also not allowed to preach. According to worshipers, the church elders led by Kagwe Muchane told Rev Githii to desist from talking about satanic symbols in their church.

The elders met on Friday where the decision to suspend Rev Githii was reached.

Kagwe had been the chief priest at the parish since his retirement as head of PCEA early last year. He was the church moderator from April 22, 2003.

Speaking to the Star yesterday, the suspended clergyman said he was not moved by the suspension and that he will continue advocating for what is right.

“How can I keep quiet when you can see the devil and his symbols in the church? The only way is to destroy them,” Githii said.

He was taken to court in Limuru by a group of church elders who were opposed to destroying some of the church artifacts.

The court ruling on August 26, 2010 barred Githii from talking about the symbols and its destruction, but he continued prompting the church to kick him out.

Yesterday, Rev Githii accused some elders of trying to use their influence within the parish to avoid confronting the truth.

He said the church had Cross symbols on the floor of the church and worshipers always trampled on them while worshiping. To him, this betrayed the very intention of glorifying the Jesus Cross as envisaged in the Bible.

Rev Githii is remembered from his previous controversial statements from denouncing the harambee to calling for the pulling down of Parliament saying it has "satanic symbols". 

The clergyman denounced the word 'harambee' saying it refers to an Indian goddess and warned that Kenya could be hit by disasters for  worshipping the Hindu deity.

When he was appointed PCEA moderator to replace Rev Dr Jesse Kamau in 2003, Rev Githii announced that the PCEA method of worship would change to  be “more agreeable to the modern Christian community”.

Rev Githii was also opposed to the inscriptions at Parliament Buildings and outside the High Court. 

 “The two snakes at the entrance of Parliament, the huge Masonic star at the entrance of the High Court, the frogs and tortoise signs in the High Court must be demolished,” he said.

The clergyman also extended his tussle into his church when he said some symbols in the church were related to Freemasons.

Some of the symbols at St Andrews Church in Nairobi were destroyed in 2004 by church elders led by the moderator for their alleged links to devil worship.